Biker Women Dating: Single Biker Women are the Best Partner

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If you’re a single man with an enthusiasm for motorcycle riding, then you probably know how difficult it can be to find a woman who genuinely shares your interests. Isn’t that the best part about being in a relationship, being able to share and experience the things you love together?

Biker women are great partners both on the road and off of it. Unfortunately, single biker women aren’t always easy to find in your area. Most biker oriented events will see a lot of biker men bringing their wives or girlfriends along but may not necessarily have large numbers of clearly single women with their own bikes present. If you have trouble finding such women near you then there are websites out there that can help you connect. These are great dating tools but also have forums and community features to help you connect and converse with like minded enthusiasts both near and far.

Single Biker Women Dating

8 Reasons Single Biker Women are the Best

If you’re still skeptical about whether not a biker women can make great partners then consider the list below.

She Shares Your Interest

You like bikes and she likes bikes. A match made in heaven, no? With the amount of time that goes into maintaining and using a motorcycle, it qualifies more as a lifestyle choice than just a simple possession. It can be frustrating when your significant other doesn’t understand or share your enthusiasm, questioning why you spend so much time and money on what they see has a simple hobby.

Loves to Travel

Motorcycles are made to be ridden after all. If she owns a bike, then chances are she likes to use it. Whether it’s an all summer long, cross-country road trip or just riding out to the beach on the weekend, biker women know that getting there is half the fun. She might even have a few suggestions for locations you haven’t crossed off your list yet. Talk to her a little bit and you two might be able to hash out a trip to some new locations together. If nothing else you might get a couple of tips on good routes and fun destinations.


Big surprise, biker women are adventurous. After all, riding a motorcycle is all about breaking out of the box of everyday life. That may mean getting out of the office or that four-wheeled tank of an SUV. Biker women enjoy adventure, experience and, most of all, freedom. Wherever it is you want to go, you can bet she’ll be right there with you the whole way.

Good Career

What most people don’t know is that bikes are hard to maintain. A good one can cost quite a bit of money. Single biker women who have their own rides are generally pretty stable career wise. If they don’t already have the job they want, then they know what it is and are out to get it. This means a lot less financial stress for you both, letting you focus on having fun and strengthening your relationship.

Has Her Own Bike

This one is pretty simple. The benefit to you here is pure convenience. She never needs to ask for a ride or get picked up. If there’s somewhere she wants or needs to go she can without the two of you having to work up a transportation schedule.

Mechanical Skills

Another simple convenience. Most bike owners learn at least a little simple maintenance to keep their ride up and running. Dating biker women means you get to be in a relationship with someone who knows how to take care of their own equipment and won’t require you to fix up your vehicle and hers. In fact, an extra set of eyes and hands can be of immense help around the house with even non-vehicle related mechanical issues.


Like any veteran motorcycle rider, biker women learn to be adaptable and versatile. A bike can be a surprisingly delicate piece of machinery sometimes and even with good maintenance there is always the chance of something going wrong. Male or female, bikers quickly come to learn how to adapt to adversity and sudden, unexpected problems. It’s no good to fold under pressure when you are on the road. Biker women know how to handle themselves when things start to veer off course. This is a valuable skill for any person to have and a great trait in a long term partner.


Like it says above, anyone who regularly climbs onto a motorcycle learns to value freedom and adventure. Biker women don’t let themselves be defined by their house or family. They are completely comfortable going out for a nice relaxing on their own. While it’s great to do things together, a relationship becomes stifling if one partner is dependent on the other or demands complete possession of their partner’s free time. With biker women, you can have your own schedule without feeling like you are letting your partner down. As long as you respect her independence, a biker woman will respect yours.

Whether you’re just looking to go on a few casual dates or find someone to settle down and spend your life with try to keep this list in mind when looking for the right woman. Whether it’s a week-long road trip or dinner and a movie, single female bikers are great companions and there are a lot of resources to help you meet biker women in your area.

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