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Plenty of Bikers Overview

Are you a 1%’er? Are you a H.O.G member? Do you have an MC name? If you are or you do, then is for you. This site is for Harley riders, not just bikers. While Plenty of Bikers can be a bit chaotic in design, the site members are all serious about the biker lifestyle and looking for someone else who is serious about it as well. In fact, the owner states that he doesn’t want any ‘poser’ on his site. You can also promote your biker business on this site or look for biker businesses around you through the classified section. And, if you want to check out some awesome tattoo, garage, and even biker babe photos, Plenty of Bikers has that in spades.

Sign Up

You can do some stuff without signing up, like check out members online and their profiles, but if you want to participate with Plenty of Bikers, you have to sign up. Click on the ‘Join Free Now’ link to get started and follow the steps, starting with the button that says create a FREE biker profile. Unique things you will notice are questions regarding whether or not you are a 1%’er or H.O.G member, and what your MC name is.

Prices is 100% free. On the home page, it even tells you to put your money away, which makes it a very enticing biker dating site to join for anyone looking for love without the price tag of some other sites. Are you wondering how they make money without charging anything? They have plenty of ads on the site to make up for their costs of running the website.


There is a classified area for all things related to bikes and bikers. You can find bikes for sale, ads for tattoo shops, and recommendations for biker bars. If you try to place an ad through the bottom link, it will prompt you to log in. However, when you try to join the site, it will tell you that you don’t need to have a profile to place an ad, and you can just click on the ‘Biker Business’ button to get taken to a place where you can place ads. But then they prompt you to log into another website. It is a little confusing, to say the least, but looking at the classifieds is easy enough.

A feature that will be coming to Plenty of Bikers soon is an events calendar, and this will help you find thousands of events worldwide and even promote your biker event.

Our Plenty of Bikers review found the voting features a pretty fun idea – if they were to work. You can go and check out other member’s tattoos, bikes, and photos, and then you are supposed to be able to vote on them; however, we were not able to vote on them at all. That part of the feature may not be working yet, but there have been plenty of views on the various photos, especially in the ‘biker babes‘ section, so we are not sure what is going on there.

When you find a member you like, there is a list of things you can do underneath their profile. For instance, you can check out their profile to learn more about them, leave a comment on their profile, send them a letter, see all of their gallery photos that they have uploaded. Alternatively, if you don’t like them, you can block them or report them for spam.

On the right-hand side, there is a navigation menu where you can see all of the photos you have uploaded, get quick access to search, look at your friend list, check out who you have said hello to, check out the classifieds, and check your email.

Underneath your navigation menu, there are links to the Twitter feed and Facebook page, which gives you another way to connect with members and the owner of the biker dating site.

The Search

Searching through members is pretty easy. Click on ‘search’ in the top menu and then enter in what you are looking for in regards to sex, age, 1%’er or not, H.O.G member or not, location, and whether or not they have a profile. In the search results, you can hover over member’s photos to see a larger image and see how much of a match the members are for you. You can easily click on their name and go to their profile, where you can interact with them further from there.

Ease of use

In the beginning, we had a hard time using Plenty of Bikers. Everything is very chaotic, and it is hard to find what you are looking for. Moreover, you are constantly taken off the site through links that seem to be a part of the site but are not. Then you have to navigate your way back to the site. But, once we got used to the website, it became easier to use.

Room For Improvement

There is way too many ads on Plenty of Bikers. And there are too many links that look like ads that are a part of the site. At one point in our review, we were not sure what were ads and what were links on the site, and we were scared to check out anything. If they were to remove the ads and make the site more about biker personals, then it would be much more user-friendly. But we have a feeling the ads are there to stay.

And, they have no unique features to allow members a chance to connect, such as chat or instant messaging or even uploading a video to showcase themselves, this is something they need to improve upon on the site.

Verdict may not be a Harley dating site with a ton of features, but it is free, and it is home to some serious bikers who are looking for love. If you are looking for someone a little more hardcore than your average rider, then Plenty of Bikers is the site to check out.

There are plenty of bikers online at any time. Many are from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada; however, there were some from other parts of the world as well. Besides, this world is a small place now, and finding the perfect person from far away is not that uncommon!

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