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Meet Local Bikers Overview

Want to join a Harley dating site that was made by bikers? Our Meet Local Bikers review found that had some features to help you find, connect, and interact with other members. They even have a chat room where you can talk one-on-one with other members through video chat. A free membership offers you the freedom to explore Meet Local Bikers, participate in the chat, and check out other members on the site while a paid membership gives you the ability to interact with other users on a whole new level. If you are looking for love, then this is one of the best biker dating websites that you need to become a part of. There is a chance that the person you have been looking for is waiting for you here.

Sign Up

Meet Local Bikers uses a simple signup process where you enter a screen name, email address, and birth date to get started. You don’t have to fill out all the little questions like some other dating sites make you do.

You will notice that you are initially taken to a payment page after signup, but you don’t have to pay to look around. Just click on the ‘home’ tab to go to your profile. You will also be prompted to fill out a profile description, but you don’t have to do this initially either.


One of the best things is the price. There are not many options as far as prices go, but the 3-month option has a remarkable value compared to many other dating sites.

You have three options to choose.

  • Five days trial period for $4.99.
  • 1-month membership for $27.99
  • 3-month membership for $13.33 per month (Billed at $39.99)

A unique aspect is that you can pay by money order (directly from your bank account) if you don’t have PayPal or a credit card.


Meet Local Bikers does not have as many features as some other sites. They do have a chat room, where you can talk to members who are online and even chat one-on-one chat. Inside the chat room, you can see how many people are there, and how many of the chat members are male or female, this can come in useful when trying to meet someone. There is a tab for singles chat, which is where you are taken into initially. There is a biker chat tab too, but nobody was ever in that room during our review.

Other than that, you can interact with other members through messages. You can also flirt with other members by picking a one-liner from an existing list and sending it to break the ice.

As far as helpful features go for meeting interesting people, you can quickly see who is online by clicking on ‘who is online’ in the top menu. The results bring up members of the gender and location that you have set to search for, so you can easily see who is online that suits you.

You can also quickly browse member profiles by members who are near you, new or featured. During this review, there were a few people near me, but not a lot of featured members near me.

Free members can:

  • Send ten flirts messages to other members
  • Join the chat room
  • Browse new members and featured members
  • Update their status
  • Edit their profile to display preferences, appearance, education, employment, personality, etc.
  • Upload videos to their profile
  • Upload photos to their profile

Paying members can:

  • Send friend requests to other members
  • Send unlimited messages to other members
  • Send unlimited flirt messages to other members
  • Private video chats with other members
  • Do advanced searches, interest searches, and screen searches
  • See all pictures of members
  • See who is checking out their profile
  • Check out videos of members
  • Have their profile featured
  • Have their profile show up on the front page


Meet Local Bikers uses a basic search for age, location, and distance, but they have an I’m feeling lucky button, which brings you up one targeted result instead of a bunch of results. If you are feeling lucky, this could be a fun way to let destiny pick someone for you and try to interact with him or her. Otherwise, with an upgraded account, you can quickly search by interests, screen name, or more advanced options to help you zoom in on the perfect member for you.

Ease Of Use

The dark background could be a distraction for some people, but the layout will help everyone find what they need quickly. For instance, on the main menu, you can easily see your matches, how many messages you have, locate a quick search box, and see other member’s updates. Moreover, if you need to edit your profile, all of those links are in the top right of the screen for easy access.

Room For Improvement

The first thing we noticed during the Meet Local Bikers review, was that there were no features made directly for bikers. The only thing they have is the ability to fill out your profile with what type of bikes you prefer and own, as well as how often you ride, how far you ride, and whether or not you wear a helmet. On a biker dating site, extra features geared towards bikers is something that could help boost the popularity of the site.


Our Meet Local Bikers review turned up a few positive and negative things. First, we agree that the features offer enough room to interact with other members and meet bikers of interest, but there definitely could be some more biker-orientated features added to enhance the experience.

We also felt that it was easy to search for members of interest, but there were not a ton of members to choose from like some other biker dating sites this doesn’t mean that Mr. or Miss Right is not on Meet Local Bikers, though. All it takes is one perfect match to find the perfect person, and your location might turn up much more results than our location. So it is worth checking out to see what your experience would be like.

In conclusion, Meet Local Bikers is a biker dating site that has the potential to connect you with someone of interest, so it is a site worth checking out if you are single and looking. The chat room helps you connect with other members and by paying for membership, you can interact with other members on a more personal level through video and private messages.

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  1. Every time I try to comment to a message it runs me through like I’m a new person I joined picture on and everything. Why does it ask me if I’m looking for a man or a c woman. It also won’t accept my email. Don’t know how to ask the site this question. Help

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