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Biker Match Overview

Started in 2006 as a subsite of, Biker Match was initially developed as a biker dating website. But after years of dedication and passion, the site has grown to reach out to a larger number of people. It provides an excellent social platform to organize rides, events, international trips, and rallies. Biker Match is known to have held some 1000 events in just one year in the UK. It is the sheer passion of the members that site has grown and developed in high magnitudes over the years.


Biker Match is mostly free of cost. A user can create his profile, contact other users through private messages, upload photos, check the forums and also join the events at no cost. But, if the member decides to pay for his membership, he contributes to the community of bikers as the money raised through memberships goes into the community promotions. These promotions could be as print advertisements about events in magazines and newspapers. The member also enjoys extra features for the money he pays and also gets to avoid adverts on the website.


Biker Match has a well-planned layout, where all the information is segregated into different columns and boxes. At a quick glance, the user can understand all that they have to offer. The site has an excellent background and all the links follow the same design and color code. At the very top of the home page, there are hyperlinks for registration, login, search, members, forums and events. The user can choose to select a particular feature or scroll down to view what else the website has to offer.

Ease of use

Biker Match is easy in its usage, even for a person who is not very internet savvy. While the home page itself has the links to all the features, all the Dos and Don’ts are explained in a straightforward and definite language. The moderators have made it a point to highlight the events, rides and rallies happening in the community, and this makes it easier for any user to follow the updates of the site. Overall, it is informative and easy to use.


Biker Match allows a user to search for profiles of motorcycle bikers according to the following criteria:

  1. Age – A user can do a quick search on profiles by selecting the age range that he prefers. The range could begin from 18 years and can go higher as per the user’s choice. Once the range is selected, the database shortlists all the profiles that fall within that range and display the same for the user.
  2. Location – A user can choose to view profiles that belong to people who live within a certain radius. The minimum distance that can be selected is 25 miles, and the maximum is 777 miles. The user can also use a postcode to know which bikers stay in that area.

A user can make the age range and location parameters to find his desired results.


  • Biker Match has over 60,000 members and over two million page views in a month.
  • A member can quickly browse through all the users online from a particular area by the search feature.
  • People outside the UK cannot access this site, and even UK users have limited access when they try to access the site from the outside UK.
  • The site organizes regular biking events across UK bikers. Members have also organized international trips.
  • The members can also volunteer to become event coordinators who help to organize events and take upon themselves to smoothly run those events.
  • A UK bike event calendar is regularly updated and maintained.
  • A member can contribute and add an event to the event list by sending the moderators a mail or by following the instructions listed on the page.
  • Biker Match is very stringent when it comes to ensuring the privacy of its users. The information shared by a member is not used outside the scope of the site. The owner and other moderators keep a strict tab on the activities of the group to ensure that no malicious activities are encouraged.
  • A rally named K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid) is organized by the members of the website.
  • The find user feature allows a member to find another member in just a few seconds.
  • The site offers very interesting ways to search for potential partners or ride out partners. While the search can be done by sex and age, it can also be done on the basis postcode and distance.
  • All online members feature displays the list of all the members that are online at a given time.
  • A member can also browse through the newest members.
  • The site maintains in its database a list of popular members. According to his preference, a member can check the popular members under the list ‘top 20 guys’ or ‘top 20 gals’. The website features one profile every day on the home page. The small featured box contains the member’s name, picture, and his interests.
  • The forums help the members to exchange their views and discuss common topics.
  • Unlike many other websites, Biker Match makes available its vital statistics for its users.

Customer service

The members get to experience prompt customer service. There is a list of FAQs that can help the users to solve the common issues they face while accessing the site. For any other technical assistance and query, the help desk can be contacted.

Room for improvement

The site has a plethora of features and options for its users to keep them occupied and entertained. As an improvement, they can try to find a delicate balance between biking stuff and other regular dating stuff. Biker Match started as a dating website, but today it is more of a biking meetup group. The moderators can try to organize events that encourage not just biking, but also love and dating.


Biker Match is a perfect social platform for motorcycle bikers to get together. It is not just a biker dating website to find your love, but also a place to grow your passion. It is easy to register and then later log in to the site. Events organized with fellow bikers go a long way to strengthen bonds and fuel passions.

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