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Biker Kiss Overview

Are you looking for someone to travel with you on the back of your bike? Or, are you looking for a partner who rides a motorcycle and lives the biker life? If you answered yes, then this BikerKiss review will show you why is the best biker dating site around. Thanks to the popularity of this site, you will be able to find plenty of bikers near you. And, Biker Kiss goes far beyond dating with their forum and blog features that allow you to talk about the biker lifestyle with like-minded people. With a clean design, easy-to-use site, and the ability to narrow down your searches to exactly what you are looking for, Biker Kiss will help any biker find the type of relationship and person they are looking for.

Sign Up

The signup process is pretty straightforward. Just fill in your basic information, and then create a more detailed profile on the next page.

You will find all the usual questions about who you are and who you are seeking. But, you will also find some unique questions, such as what bike you ride and what bike you would like your match to ride, and whether or not you are looking for someone to ride on the back of your bike or ride on the back of someone else’s bike.


There are three different membership plans.

  • One month cost $29.95
  • Three months costs $59.95
  • Six months costs $95.95

As you can see, the longer you sign up for, the bigger the savings. The 3-month membership works out to $19.95 per month, and the 6-month membership works out to $15.95 per month.


Biker Kiss has all the features you need to meet another biker in your area.

Functions that everyone can use:

  • Reply to emails
  • Send winks to other members to show interest
  • Search members through a variety of filters to help narrow down potential members
  • Add up to 26 photos in profile to help you show off your personality etc.
  • Participate in blogs, forums, and profiles for more interaction
  • Verify things like income, photo, or age

Paying members have a few more options, such as:

  • The ability to view videos
  • Get highlighted in the search results as a featured member
  • Show up at the top of search results
  • View certified bikers list
  • View new, gold, compatible, and reverse matches
  • Access to advanced filters in search to help zone in on potential interests better
  • The ability to send emails to other members

Special Features Related To Bikers

Of course, Biker Kiss is a biker dating site, so there are some unique features related to bikers.

For instance, you can:

  • Verify yourself as a biker to help add credibility to your profile. Upload your motorcycle driving license and get a little bike symbol to show other members you are a serious biker looking for a relationship. Paying members can search through profiles with verified biker status, so this can help increase your exposure if you are serious about looking for someone.
  • Upload a picture to the biker tattoo show. When you upload your tattoo pic, you will get extra exposure for your profile because your image connects to it. You can also just browse the biker tattoo show and check out any members that interest you.
  • Upload a picture to the motorcycle gallery, and this is your chance to show off your bike. Your photo will be linked to your profile. Again, you can also just browse this section and check out the bikes that members have.
  • The biker fashion show is a place that you can show off not only your bike but yourself with your bike. It is an excellent way to show people you ride without having to verify yourself, but it is also a chance to show others a picture of yourself in your element. Be prepared because other members can rate you in this picture and leave a comment. So, put in your best picture to get the best ratings possible.

The Search

The search offers many different ways to find the perfect match. For instance, you can search age, location, height, and body type. You can also search for members with profile pictures or by username. You can also search strictly for new members. You can also search by type of motorcycle members ride, whether or not they own a bike, and whether they are a backseat rider or not.

Ease Of Use

During the entire review, Biker Kiss was incredibly easy to use. From registering to using features, everything was laid out in an easy to use fashion. The navigation buttons on the top menu take you anywhere you want to go, and when you are on your profile page, you can easily see how many people you have viewed, or emailed you on the left-hand side, as well as all the unique features the dating site has to offer.

Room For Improvement

While Biker Kiss has a forum to initiate some discussion about things like biking and relationships. The chat room is another feature that they could use, which would let members have instant communication with other users in a group setting or one-on-one, which would increase member’s chances of finding like-minded people on the dating site.

Also, inside of the blogs, you can set it so that free members are not able to see your blog. Free members should be able to read the blogs and get to know other members before deciding if they want to sign up to the site, and setting blogs for only gold members to see could cheat some potentially great members out of the experience.


If you are a biker looking for love, then Biker Kiss is a great dating site for you. In fact, it is the best! Our review found a ton of members in our area, lots of great features to interact with other members, and lots of features to help others learn more about you and what you are looking for in a partner.

There are no background checks done on members. However, there is plenty of room to let members show you exactly who they are through their pictures and information, so as part of your online safety routine, make sure you look for someone who is willing to give you an inside peek into their life through pictures.

In conclusion, Biker Kiss has been up and running for over ten years, and it has stayed popular for a reason. It offers you the tools you need to find the perfect biker partner you are looking for.

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  1. Loved Met a lot of great folks, but best of all I met my future husband! After many texts and several hour-long phone conversations we decided to meet and found in each other everything we had ever dreamed of in a friend/partner/forever love! So unexpected and so very, very cool to have finally found each other. Plus, what a great “how we met” story. Thank you!

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